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Absolutely!! Your dog will have a ball with us. We pride ourselves on offering the very best experience and as such your four legged pal will have a great time. To get a feel for the type of walks we do have a look at our Instagram page. We will also send you photos and videos of their adventures each day so you get to see just how much they have!

It’s free because it is a trial walk and we want to ensure both your dog and our team are happy to continue the walks after the first one. We also believe it is a nice thing to do.

We charge $34 plus GST per walk. We offer a full pick up and drop off service in fully customised, ventilated vans. The total adventure typically lasts for around 1hr 45mins, door to door. Your dog also gets to socialise in the back of the van with their pals. We guarantee you will have a much happier (and tired) dog when we drop them off.  We specialise in dog walking in the Inner West Sydney area.

If it is raining, our wet weather policy is to go out whenever possible. If the rain is literally bouncing off the road or if the Bureau of Meterology  (BOM) is predicting heavy precipitation (rain) then we will either try and have the walk under cover, a play date at the dog walker’s house (if possible) or if all else fails we will re-schedule the adventure. The same is true for particularly hot weather.

As you can imagine matching up the dogs into the ‘best’ groups is sometimes more of an art than a science, but we think we’re pretty good this. Our aim is always for your dog to have the most brilliant adventure and be as safe as possible. With that in mind, we don’t have a blanket “one size fits all policy” where certain breeds have to go together. What we do is to have a close look at your dog both in the initial pre-walk meeting and whilst they’re out on the trial  walk, then match them up with dogs we think they will really get on with.

For the vast majority of their adventures, you dog will be walked by the same trained dog walker. The reason we don’t like to randomly change the walkers is not only will your dog develop a strong bond with them over the course of time, but also you want to know exactly who is coming into your house. In the rare event we need to change your normal walker we will tell you in advance.

For us this is about the safety of your dog. You can be the best dog walker in the world but there is a chance you will lose one of your dogs if they’re all off leash in a non fenced park.  This isn’t to say that enclosed dog parks are guaranteed to prevent your dog from escaping, it’s just on the balance of probability this is a much less likely outcome. The safety of your dog whilst they’re out with us is of paramount importance.

Generally no, we don’t buy into the belief that certain breeds are “bad” and certain breeds are “good”. That said, if you ask us to walk a dog which is listed as a dangerous breed by the relevant state government, then we will politely decline. We also only walk well socialised and balanced dogs which is why we highly encourage puppy schools and early socialisation. If you are unsure about your dog and their suitability give us a ring to chat about it. In addition our dogs range in size from 3kgs to over 50kgs and their ages range from puppy to senior citizen.

Yes. We have the highest level of insurance which is specifically tailored to professional dog walking.

For professional dog walking, using a van vs a car is a lot more comfortable and safer for your dog. All our drivers use the VW Caddy Maxi van. Our point of difference is that we are the only dog walkers who have fully customised vans. As you can see in the photograph, we have taken out the rear panel in the van to allow for cross ventilation. This prevents excessive heat build up in the back of the van and ensures a constant flow of fresh air. Even on a fairly mild day, at 26 degrees, having 4 dogs in the back of a van all panting heavily, the back of the van will heat up very quickly. Whilst air conditioning in the front of the cabin may keep the driver cool, it will do nothing for your dog in the back of the van (it was never designed to do this). How do we know this? We’ve measured the temperatures in the back & front of the van. We also have very comfortable commercial quality flooring, so you can rest assured your dog is travelling in the ‘limo’ equivalent of a dog van.

We will only walk up to 4 dogs at a time with one individual dog walker as per the NSW regulations.

Yes – Our dogs range in size from 3kgs to over 50kgs and their ages range from puppy to senior citizen. Our dog walkers are highly capable and trained so we’re very happy with all breeds of dog. That said, we do deserve the right to refuse a dog if they don’t pass the trial walk. This doesn’t happen very often but it does happen. The safety and security of all the dogs in our care is paramount.