What our clients say



Lenny’s mum says……

We have now been using Tails in the Park for the last three years for walking services, short stays and long stays and we couldn’t be happier with the care and love our Lenny receives. We have moved around three times and they have always made it work for us. Andy always sends me updated pictures of Lenny and keeps me up to date on anything that worries him about Lenny. We completely trust Andy and Tails in the Park to take care of Lenny as we 100% Lenny is receiving the same love at home with us as he does with in the care of Tails in the Park. Andy is available for a last minute additional day if needed. I highly recommend Tails in the Park and I will continue to always recommend their service. Your dog will always be in great hands. Thank you Tails in the Park for looking after Lenny and making sure he’s always looked after in a safe environment.


Gemma’s dads say

Andy and the team are amazing to our little girl. Always so kind and caring, reliable and flexible with her walks. Best dog walking service around!


Kenny’s mum says…

Kenny adores Francesca and Andy! His regular walks keep him in great shape and of course he loves seeing his mates. The daily snaps and videos we receive are a lovely bonus and such great quality. Francesca genuinely loves and cares for the dogs and it shows whenever we see her with Kenny. With a hectic work and family schedule, it’s so valuable for us to have a service like this with people we 100% trust with our first (furry) child!


Melo’s mum says…..

These guys are the best….stop looking….you’ve found your dog’s daily saviours! Andy & Francesca are the absolute best. My Melo was a quaking, shaking mess when I first adopted him and Andy helped him initially to trust a man again and then to embrace his life as a happy, well socialised and confident dog. Francesca totally loves Melo and it’s reciprocated in buckets! Melo loves her so much that over the xmas break, he happened to see her on the road driving in the pick-up truck and would have run across the road in front of the car to leap through the window and give her some big-dog love and face lick, had I not stopped! Together, this team have saved me from having a house bound, anxious dog and gave me the peace of mind to go to work for long hours, knowing that he was having such a great time each day with these guys in my absence. Thank you Francesca and Andy for giving us so much!


Buddy’s mum says…

Buddy LOVES his playtime with Francesca and doggy pals. He plays hard then sleeps hard! (often stretching and yawning when I come home at 17.00).


Micky says

Dear Andy, you are the most awesome dog walker ever! If I had a different walker I would pee on their leg and run to you. Love, Micky.


Frankie’s mum says…

For almost two years, Andy and his team have been taking our labrador, Frankie, out on daily adventures.  We cant thank Andy and Tails in the Park enough as when we started, Frankie was quite unsettled but we can now confidently say due to his walks and adventures, he is a much happier and calmer dog. Andy has always been professional, responsive and overall were thrilled with how it’s worked out.


Bunyip’s mum says…

Andy and the team at Tails in the Park are second to none. Our puppy started going for walks with Andy when he was only 16 weeks old and he has never looked back. He always has so much fun which we love seeing in the photos that we get sent through. We are so thankful for everything the team does for us so we never have to worry about our pup when we are at work.


Maia’s mum says…

Sometimes I think my bestie wolfie girl loves Francesca, Andy and the Tails peeps more than me!! We’ve been customers for many, many years now and Maia is always soooo excited to head out with Tails. Their adventures together feature sniff-fest highlights and great daily pics of you-know-who, all enjoyed by every family member. Tails is THE best service ever and deserve the highest recommendations!


Buddy’s mums say…

We’ve had the pleasure of utilising Tails’ services since its beginnings and have enjoyed a seamless few years of walks and boarding. Andy and the team are among the loveliest and most professional people you’ll ever met. Nothing but a pleasure and they take such excellent care of all their charges. Highly recommend joining the family.


Bronx’s mum says….

Bronx absolutely loves Andy and the team. I am sure it’s her weekly highlight., the minute she hears that gate open she is bouncing with excitement. With our busy life we cant guarantee she gets out every day, but with Tails in the Park, we know she gets a great work out plus valuable time in the company of other dogs. Thanks Andy.


Basil’s dad says…

Our Golden Retriever, Basil, always looks forward to his adventures with Tails in the Park. We have been using them for over a year and every time he comes back happily exhausted and has made many dog friends. We really like that Tails in the Park make an effort to match Basil with like-minded dogs and are flexible in moving a booking because Basil has eaten something gross the day before, which is a common occurrence with Basil! I recommend Tails in the Park for your pup.

Peppa’s dad says…

Andy and his team at Tails in the Park are just wonderful people that we have trusted to walk our Peppa.We couldn’t be happier and the text pictures and updates are priceless. Peppa is also a bit socially challenged  but Andy has done a great job managing her, ensuring she is socialised and gets heaps of walks with other dogs – making her much happier. Thanks Andy!

Benny and Pepper’s mum says

Benny and Pepper rush out with wagging tails as soon as Francesca arrives. She is a natural with them and clearly adores dogs. I love getting photos and videos from the day’s walks and really appreciate messages about any potential health issues for the dogs. I’m so grateful for the care they receive from the whole team at Tails in the Park.